Why is it MY Job to Protect “Indian Culture”?

Have you ever noticed how when someone talks about “protecting Indian culture”, it inevitably has something to do with women? I mean when was the last time a Khap Panchayat said “Men using mobiles is against Indian culture”, or “Shorts are a Western influence. All men must stop wearing shorts”. No, it’s always the woman who has to face the burden.

And now, our moron of a “culture minister” Mahesh Sharma has proudly declared that “night outs” for women is not Indian culture! First of all, how the hell does he get to decide what is “Indian culture” and what isn’t? Second, why is it only women who can’t have night outs?

Almost all violence towards women comes from men. How about instead of wanting women to stay inside their homes at night, we instead (oh horrors!), ask men to do the same. This would achieve the same effect and also place responsibility squarely where it belongs.

Of course, I’m only half serious. I can’t pass judgment on all men for the actions of a few. But what the hell Mahesh dude? Why in blazes is it my job to protect your definition of “Indian culture”.

Leave us women the fuck alone, and do your damn job of catching criminals quickly, and punishing them in a timely manner so that they are afraid to commit crime. We don’t want you to do anything else. Women pay their taxes just like everyone else, and we will damn well do as we please!


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