A Politician Pole Dancing – So What?

I don’t understand the furor over the viral video of the JD-U candidate Abhay Kushwaha dancing with a bar girl. I mean, sure he looks ridiculous but it’s not illegal right? Take a look for yourself.

Ok, so he looks extremely ridiculous. But we need to stop saying that it’s a “scandal” as if he’s been caught doing what he’s not supposed to be doing.


At Least our Government Responds to Social Media!

I watched in puzzlement as the government released a draft for encryption. All kinds of silly stuff like requiring storage of messages, all but rendering banking encryption useless etc. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the government responded to criticism on news sites and social media. They withdrew the draft and are rewording it. While it’s unfortunate that the government seems to be clueless about stuff like net neutrality and encryption, it’s good that they at least admit their mistake and do something about it. They even listened to us on lifting the porn ban.

Better that, than to have an opaque government that doesn’t list draft proposals for public comment in the first place. I didn’t vote for Modi and had reservations about him (like everyone else), but this style of governance is good and we should appreciate it. Asking for feedback and listening to responses allows the public to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Now if only Modi could reign in some of his ministers and stop them from saying moronic things about how Rishis gave the Vajra to Indra, we’d be golden!

Our “Defence Minister” is a Moron

So what’s the criteria for becoming a minister in India? Utter idiocy? According to Manohar Parrikar – the defence minster of India – the rishi Dadhichi performed advanced metallurgy to gift Indra the “Vajra”, an indestructible mythical weapon.

Mind you, this isn’t some crazy fringe loon of the BJP. It’s no less than a top functionary. It’s merely the latest idiotic pronouncement about India’s glorious past that produced flying vehicles and nuclear weapons. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with talking about ancient achievements, but to take stories and mythology and treat them as god’s truth? What bullshit is this?

Imagine if 1000 years later, some guy finds old Superman comics and uses them as proof that we could fly in the 21st century, that people could shoot laser beams out of their eyes and could also time travel? Yeesh! All this points to a stunning lack of critical thinking skills. In ordinary people, it’s laughable. In a defence minister, it’s scary!

Why are we tolerating insane individuals in our government? Statements like this prove that Manohar Parrikar is mentally damaged and isn’t fit to hold a ministerial post. The fault lies with us for putting up with his inane pronouncements and not expecting any better of our leaders.